Well, it looks like the house is now our new home!

Cool Sunset cloud formation

We get really nice sunset cloud formations here.

Cool Sunset cloud formation

With the arrival of my brother and his wife imminent (two weeks) I had to move from the spare (read: my office) room and make it into the spare bedroom.   It’s a very small room and the double bed just fits along with some draws and a wardrobe.


The spare bedroom


The spare bedroom


The spare bedroom


The spare bedroom

This, in its self, might seem like a trivial task, but it did mean I have to get the ‘out building’ fixed up to become my office.  First, add power, foam fill all the gaps, then some paint, carpet, a door lock and weather strips around the door.  I still have to insulate the upper walls and ceiling, but this will have to wait for ££.  I would like to change the window to a double glassed one, but again more ££.

Office view showing some of my electrical work!


Office view showing some of my electrical work!
View from my office window.

Eventually we found a nice black leather 3 seat couch and arm chair for the front room.  So that room is now finished.

The new couch


and armchair

Still have to sort out the back garden, but at least I have some potatoes and tomatoes in grow bags.

Growbag tomatoes
Gowbag spuds

With the summer came the loss of the view of the lake and fields from the back garden, this has been replaced with green trees and bushes along with a few dozen nesting birds.  It’s so cool to sit in my office and watch the feeding times.  We have also been adopted by a little robin.  The robin will stand on the step of my office as look at me with a “where is the bread?” look.  And when I do but some bread out, the robin is the first to arrive, while I am still there.

I must be Batman as here’s Robin!!

I’m still not us to seeing so many coal fires in homes.  I cannot imagine what it was like when I was a kid, when the only heating you had was a coal fire.  The smell for just a few is bad enough.   Apparently coal is still allowed in rural areas.  But with the price of heating oil, I don’t blame people for using coal.  I just added 600 litres for £346.  That’s about $3.37 per US Gal for heating oil!!

No Jiffy Lube here!!  Just an oil change and new filter was £37.74, that’s about $58….$26 for the oil, $15 for labour, $7.50 for the filter and $9.75 tax!!!  I don’t mind the tax, as the positives of living here far outweigh the negatives.

Later this month the four of us go off to the north for a few days.  Off to see the Giant’s Causeway and maybe a trip to the Bushmills Distillery.

That’s all for now…


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