Alternative Medicine for Cancer

Let me start by saying these are NOT my notes, but from a private chat site I go to.  Having been through two breast cancers, not me of course, but my wife and my mother and, I recently discovered that, my father both died from cancer, I thought I should add it to my blog.

Start of site content:

If you or someone that you know has tried different alternative methods for the treatment of cancer or something that helps with the chemo and radiation effects can you please post what they used and what it helped with.

There are so many different ones out there but I would love to hear firsthand what some people have found to help them.

So far I am aware of the following:

  • Alkaline diet and water
  • High doses of Vitamin D
  • Maple Syrup and Baking Soda
  • Cannabis Oil
  • Juicing Wheat Grass and Fruits and Vegetables
  • Essie Tea
  • Enzyme Treatments
  • Certain types of Mushrooms
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Infrared sauna

  A couple of recommendations:

1. Check this site out… Time consuming but worth it:



I will it is called Protocel” saved my Son’s life I just am so busy give me a day or 2 and I will post it.

Sorry it took me so long. Ok, first a little background, My Son went to a doctor while he was in college and they found him to have Melanoma. (One of the worst cancers)

Believe me when I say that it devastated my wife and I, we are talking about our “baby boy” Luckily my sister was on the board of directors of the hospital and had GREAT connections with the best cancer doctors from around the country and set up many meetings and screenings for my son. To make a long story longer among all the other treatments

They wanted him to take “INTERFERON” and told him it would make him sick every day, he would not be able to continue working and would cause him much discomfort and they weren’t really sure it would work. Well he started his own research and I mean he studied hard and came up with this product called “Protocel”. (He told me he didn’t want to live they way the doctors explained it to him)

You have to understand we had access to some of the best doctors and medical staff for my son and he chooses some “natural” off the internet product? We it caused great divide in my family when my mom and sister found out this was what he was going to do. (He still would keep getting the tests and things like that) I remember us sitting in the Doctor’s office and my son questioned the doctor about his studies and trials and the results (blew me away that he knew all of the facts) The doctor left disgusted and said I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make him drink.

Well there is a trade off, no white sugar and no white flour, so he found “Agave nectar” not so well know years ago but he purchased a few jugs of that and proceeded to not eat white flour tuff to do when everything is made with it (hell even ketchup is full of sugar). I believe it took the Protocel 3 times a day…………. My boy is FREE OF CANCER.

In conclusion I really don’t believe they want a cure for cancer. I have had 2 other friends that took the Protocel and it saved their lives (even had 2 dogs and a horse.  Yes, the dosage is different) These folks tried to tell their doctors and the doctors will not listen and just say “keep doing what you’re doing” they did and lived. I can’t tell you how many folks I know knew about these people and did NOT take the Protocel and have passed away. I don’t believe it will work for EVERYONE but what is the risk? It was about $60.00 a month if I remember?

Here is the booklet and is a must read (shouldn’t take long) If fact I bet you don’t put it down. Wish I could help more.


Interesting product and I went through one of the sites. The protocol there suggested quarter spoon every 4 hours.

Am interested in it myself as it also seems to help against any other viral disease/attack. They seem to have 2 products in it. Protocel23 and Protocel50. The recommended procedure is to start with Protocel23 and then upgrade to Protocel50 later on.

A couple of questions:

1. For how long did your son take it before the complete cure??

2. What were the side effects he felt while on the protocol and what did the tests reveal during that period??

 3. Any particular website/shop he picked up the product from??

I don’t remember how long he said he did but he said to me he felt comfortable taking it and would do it again to fight cancer.

Main side effect – makes you somewhat tired…..makes you drag a bit…

The real pain with taking it is you have to take it on a strict schedule (every6 hours for the one I was taking, which can get old…)

He was getting my Protocel through

Depending on type of cancer that you have, you should use a particular type of Protocel  (there are two different types)…

I found the article regarding the tablet. It is called DCA. Check it out. Links here:

Read this one 1st…

Cost pennies…