Garden Bench Project – AND my first Tomatoes..

It’s the end of the second week of June and I have some tomatoes!!

P6160127 This is one bunch of three in the Polly Tunnel..  Maybe, just maybe I’ll get some ripe ones this year.

I’ve always wanted a garden bench, but the real nice ones are a real nice price!  Also I had other things I wanted at a greater priority.  Then I remembers (this was some time ago) the Maureen (my sister-in-law) had one that had seen better days.  The wood slats and some of the wood on the back was rotten.

But maybe I can fix it without spending MORE than a new bench! After is was brought round to my house I started to tear it apart.  Thanks to an angle grinder with a cutting disk the old screws and bolts were easy (ish) to remove.


So I ended up with two cast iron ends and a cast iron back with a wood surround.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As you can see the wood has had it.  But the curvy piece on the top of the back had to be salvaged as I have no way to make a new one.

As normal the wood was not a standard size so I had to make do with what was available.

For the base slates I used rounded edge slats to same time!

P6160113And a flat bit for the bottom of the back.

5 round edge slats at 4 foot long.

1 flat piece at 4 foot  long for the bottom of the back.

16 nuts and bolts

7 wood screws.

a cup of wood preserver/stain.

2 feet of metal strapping.

Total cost £12 ($21).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dry fit to make sure all is ok.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First coat of stain.  I stained the new wood first to protect it before I sand down the remaining wood on the back.

It’s rains most every day here, so I needed to protect it as soon as possible.

Now all I need it to build my 14 foot by 9 foot deck,  which will take a small miracle as I have no spare money for the wood…..