Too much calabrese to eat right now.

So it’s time to freeze some.  It’s a simple job, but it does have some important steps to be followed.

This is three heads of calabrese cut into florets.  It has been washed and kept in cold water until I was ready to blanch it.


It only takes 60 seconds to blanch small quantities then it must be put into ice water right away to stop the cooking.

So you must get everything in place before you start.  Here I have a bowl of iced water and some kitchen roll to let it drain after chilling.

The largest heaviest pot you can find filled with boiling water.  Only put in small amounts at a time otherwise the water will go off the boil.

60 seconds in the boiling water and straight into the iced water.  When it is cold place it on the kitchen roll after a gentle shake to remove the excess water.  Now let it drain as much as possible.

The only space I had available in the freezer was the ice draw,  I add one covering and let it freeze.  Then bag it and add more to freeze.

Plenty of time for a health snack while you are doing this.

If you have a vacuum bag appliance it really helps with the  bagging.  I thought I had one, but after using 3 yards of bags and only getting one to vacuum seal properly, I “filed” the damn thing…

Note to self, next time get a better vacuum bag sealer.