Our studio apartment in Lahaina, Maui.

It must be said first that Will and Jessica are the nicest, most helpful people I have met, but T-Bone did visit us more often! And he always left us something, mainly muddy paw prints!


One of the rainy nights we heard this load hound dog bark, and again, and again, so I opened the door and a wet T-Bone marched in.  Wondered into the kitchen area had a smell and curled up on the floor.  When the rain stopped, T-Bone got up and walked to the door, turning his head towards me as if to say “open the damn door”, which I did and he left.  T-Bone is such a cool hound dog.

So if you don’t like dogs, don’t open the door!!  lol

Being on a very limited budget I spent a lot of time looking for a place to stay.   If you have never tried airbnb.com or .co.uk and I am sure many other internet addresses, you MUST.

We needed a place close to Tara (what I mean to say is close to Eli!!) the main reason for our visit, to meet our Grandson.

On airbnb I found this Our studio.  This link may show the prices in UK £.  As it turns out Will and Jessica are friends with Tara and Sean.

The studio main room is surrounded with slatted windows and fly screens offering some great views.


OK I admit that this picture does not do the view justice, but you can see the ocean.


As this proves.


Yes, I know, another great picture, but you have to be there to really get the picture.


The sleeping area is furnished with a really nice bed, but I HATE plastic mattress covers especially in a hot climate, and I did change the layout a bit as you could not get to the right side of the bed.  Minor details!!


The kitchen area is all you need, the electric kettle is not included, but as a Brit, I have to have my cuppa in the morning.  (the bag on the bed is full of dirty laundry to take to Tara’s to get washed!)


A nice big fridge/freezer is provided along with a microwave oven.  A word of warning, don’t use the microwave, hot plate and toaster oven at the same time!   Not a big problem as most people staying will not be doing much cooking.

Through the space on the right is the hallway with a chest of draws which  takes you to the bathroom.  This has a  toilet, (a leaky) shower and utility sink.   Plenty of hot water.

I must have not taken a picture of the lounge area, but it has a nice L shaped couch. table and two chairs along with a unit.

The studio does not have a TV but we borrowed one from Chase and as the Cable box and WiFi router are in the studio it was easy to connect.

Pros:  Great people, great location, everything you will need and more.

Cons: Parking, being an OF I need a car and parking was hit and miss.  It would so much better if a parking place was provided for the guests.

Being a DIY person the studio would be perfect if a few 100 dollars was spent on it.

Overall, it’s a fantastic place to stay with a great couple to help you (Will and Jessica) in a great location. Almost, but not quite, five stars.