And now for something different..

To paraphrase some old TV show.

Do you have a nice big “dumb” TV not a smart TV?  All is not lost if you have the following:

1) About $100

2) High speed Internet access via wire or WiFi.

3) A TV with a HDMI connection.

Maybe I should add a number four, a little techie in you!  What I am talking about is a Smart TV Box.  There are any number to chose from but here are the basic requirements:

1) Quad Core Processor.

2) 4GB of memory.

3) Wifi or/and Ethernet connection.

4) SD Card.

5) Android or Windows or Dual Boot to either.

Here is a typical device, This is called a PiPo and is a Dual Boot device.

All these devices come with a Remote, but I find it so much better to buy a remote keyboard and mouse.

Do a Google search like this:  Search

Looks like the price of my box has gone up, but this is it.

This is the one I use, nice and small and works very well.

OK so now you have your box and maybe a remote keyboard and mouse, now what?

All of these devices run much the same as NetFlix without paying some big company $$$.  It’s all about Streaming Video Servers, and there are 100’s out there.  But they do keep changing, so you have to need updating the software.  Most do this automatically so it’s not an issue.

Lets say you have a Dual Boot and you are in the Windows 8.1 partition then all  you need to install is this.  By the time you do this the download might be an old version and some (many) of the links might not work, so just Google for an updated version.

This will give you a file that (zipped) contains two exe files, Kodi and the Kodi Addon.  You will need to have some unzip/rar software installed.

You need to unzip it and first install Kodi the the Kodi Addon.


Once installed you will see this!!  And you can start playing or watching.  There are 1000’s of Movies and TV shows to watch and all it cost you was about $100 and some time.

Enjoy.  Send me a message if you get stuck.