Having lived in So. Cal. for more that half of my adult life…


.. I got used to stud framed buildings and sheet rock walls.

Now I’m back in the “Land of the Morons” and brick buildings I need some help.

Most homes are built using “Breeze blocks”

these things:

or two layers of this type:

Either way they are a pain to drill into. Once built they are covered in plaster.

Even a small picture or mirror on the wall is a major task.

You have to drill a hole with a hammer drill and add a raw plug so you have something to add a screw.

But when I was getting my office ready (Garden Office) a nice name for a building in the garden, I had to drill through two breeze blocks to run power and data cables.

It was a real pain!!!

But now I have HELP!!!

I just (after all the work was done!!) purchased a “POWER TOOL”…

and a couple of hammer drill bits…