A fun little project and a test…..

….for my eyes and old hands.

The DSO 062 oscilloscope kit from jye tech.  OK it’s NOT a full blown oscilloscope, but for basic need it works well enough.

If you CANNOT solder real small pins don’t try this kit!

If you CANNOT see real well don’t try this kit!

If you don’t own a good fine tipped temperature controlled soldering iron don’t try this kit!

Only buy the SMT (Surface Mount) kit (06205KP) as it has all the SMT parts mounted.

So this old man with shaking hands and poor eye site decided to build one.

In the States I had a Great Weller iron but sadly had to leave it behind.  So after a LOT of searching the net I found this one.  It’s just a Weller clone and does a great job at a fraction of the Weller price.

I have very little work place, so I have to make do with my small MDF desk, thankfully I have a wireless keyboard that I put on the floor.  BTW No Wine was consumed during the assembly of this kit.

A good pair of cutters and needle nosed pliers ARE required.  When buying hand tools buy the best you can afford, it’s worth it in the long run.

This kit has been selected by Centennial College – School of Engineering Technology – Toronto as part of the curriculum.  I guess as a starter class as it took me an hour to build it.

Finished, and it works first time!!