Arduino Uno and the HMC5883L Compass Chip.

Managed to fix a sketch from Michalis Vasilakis.  He told me that the couple of bug had not been fixed..  So I fixed them (I hope)!!.


And the zipped .ino sketch..

Leave any comments/questions below or on the YouTube link.

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  1. HiJon,
    I am very new to Arduino and any programming for that matter,I was born in the 1940s so not as fast on the uptake as i was but i’m still tinkering with all things electronic. Thank you for fixing the bugs on the original sketch. I have downloaded your revised version to my uno but all i am getting is what looks like a funny shaped flower on the screen, pressing either of the buttons does nothing it starts with the back light on and it stays on.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Regrads, Colin

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