Back to the garden, for a while.

We have had 2 or 3 nice sunny days, not hot, but warm and sunny.  So I did a little update to the garden.

I hope most of what I have planted will be ready prior to our holiday.  We will see.

But first some of the new growth that I cannot control.  The Gooseberry Bush is full of fruit.

One of the apple trees is in full blossom but the other is not doing quite as well.

One of the rhubarb plants is doing great and again the other not so well.  These two, the apple and rhubarb that are not doing do well, do not get as much sun as the other two do.  I have already harvested 10 stems from this one.

The Pak Choi I germinated had to be planted in the garden I just hope we get to eat some.

Next to the broad beans I add a row of tomato’s, some Cherry, Sweet Aperitif and some Ailsa Craig.  Next to them went a few Swiss Chard plants.

In the Poly Tunnel the lettuce are doing good but two of the Romaine died.

The red lettuce lost the red? But are doing very well.

and the butterballs are not a balls yet but do have nice big leafs that could make a nice salad now.

The cucumber died… That’s two years in a row.  Oh well. The two purchased tomato plants have some flowers even though they are still small.

And the old strawberry plant is in flower too.  That’s all so far.

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