Back to the Arduino Nano Watering System.

It’s been a while as I have been waiting for a new battery.  The first one was lost in the mail someplace.

The replacement arrived today and was surprised how small it is.  Maybe I need a bigger one, this one is 12V 1.2Ah, it might be enough I guess I just have to test and see.

This is an overview picture showing the full system.  You can see how small the battery is from this picture, it’s the grey/black box in the top right.

The small solar panel is in the SUN!!!  And charging the half charged battery (as it arrived).  Maybe I should have started with a fully charged battery to start with?

As you can see the solar panel is charging the battery but it is not fully charged (the horizontal bars in the battery icon).  I power the Arbuino Watering System from one of the two USB port on the controller and power the watering solenoid directly from the power output of the controller.  The sun icon indicates that the controller has solar power.

And a nice shot of the inside of the Watering System, the board on the lower left is the Arduino Nano SBC (single board computer) to the right of the Nano is the RTC (real time clock), to the upper left is the, currently unused, power regulator board and finally to it’s right is the relay board.  To the right of the case are the three connectors for the two LED’s and the push button, this is used as a “water now” button.

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