Sorry for the sudden outburst of mild euphoria..  But I might get to eat some of the fruit and veggies I have planted (grown) this year.  As we will not be here for 6 weeks of the “best weather” I did not plant much.



To start with I have some pods on my broad beans, OK small at the moment but they will be ready before we leave!  The broken pod in the last picture was a “test sample”…














The artichokes are doing well considering I did not expect them to grow at all in our climate.








































Red berries everyplace a lot have gone  in salads and yogurts..  But such a pain to pick.



























Gooseberries all over the place and nearly time to pick them, Stew them and freeze for later, just like the rhubarb.














Under these big leaves is the rhubarb..



























And one of the apple trees is doing OK, but not as good as last year, while other sheltered apple tree is doing better than last year.

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