Getting my hobby “stuff” organised.

Over the last couple of years I have been accumulating Arduino (single board computers) CPS’s and shields (boards that connect directly to the Arduino) and adaptors.

I started of with a couple of small plastic draw units.  These soon became over crowded.

Small set of draws containing resistors, LED’s, switches and connectors.

and the larger draws that had every other part from Nano’s, Uno’s, shields, hook-up wire and adaptors.

When these all became full and mixed up I got a parts case, this too became full!

Thanks to our local Lidl’s store I picked up a couple of larger draw sets.  I still have a few more parts to re-locate in the remaining unused draws.

and the other one is like this, with some large part bins and a large draw at the bottom and a row of small draws.  NOW I can get organised!

Note to self: Set the cameras date…..


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