Artichoke with dinner, from the garden!

This artichoke had just about doubled in size so it was time to see if it tasted good.

This picture was taken on July 28th, so a month of fairly nice weather with a few sunny days really helped in it’s growth.  But I didn’t take a picture of it when I cut it off.

It was too big to fit in our steamer so it had to be cut in half.  The bowl it’s in is an 8 inch diameter bowl.  Served with garlic butter, of course.

And my half, there is no way I could had eaten the whole thing.  Damn my dinner looks healthy, steamed pak choi,  courgette (zucchini), kale, french beans and broccoli.  Hot source and a glass of water!!  But what you cannot see is the plate of chips (french fries)  which I admit I did take a few, and the gammon (butt ham) steak.

But the most important thing is, you can grow them here!!  But it did take 2 YEARS to get some large ones…  lol  Damn I miss California..

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