Down on the Stephenson’s Farm.


Chase has a new farm, well it’s the first time I have seen it.  About 12 acres quite a lot for one man!

Short video on one of the planted acres.

But with all the new farm equipment he has I feel sure he could farm a much larger site.  So come on the people that are sorting out what to do with all those thousands of ex-sugar cane fields, and give Chase a 100 acres of them!

Current planting has been limited to 2 acres for a couple of reasons 1) Getting Married! 2) Lot of rain.  So just 1 acre of tomatoes and 1 acre of bell peppers.

Removing the cultivator after levelling one of the mulched rows that did not turn out right.

This amazing bit of kit not only lays the plastic mulch but forms the soil into the correct shape, feeds the watering pipe, adds fertiliser and seals the edges.

Connect the “Thing” ..

Now for final setup and a short test run.

All set and ready to rock and roll..  Great job Chase.

We spent a fun few hours figuring out how to put this cultivator together.  One poor diagram and a box load of bolts, nuts and U brackets.  Chase did not have any tools so it’s all assembled hand tight.  I FIXED this problem by going to Sears (I LOVE Sears!!) and getting one of those 100+ tool kits.

We even got the logo’s facing outwards!!  The intent of the cultivator is to weed between the plastic mulch, I don’t fancy my chances of not ripping up the plastic !!

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