What to say about WestJet ??

Good things:  They are cheap.  That’s all!  No wait, there is one other good thing, the cabin staff are forgetful !  I hear you say “What do you mean?”.  Well this airline is a none cash airline for cabin service, only credit/debit card can be used, no cash.   When you order a drink they will run a “tab” for you for the duration of the flight.  When you order more they forget to add it to your tab!!  So the 8 drinks we two had amounted to 4 on the tab making the wine price about normal!  C$6.49 for a small plastic cup of wine!!  Not even a small bottle.

Bad Things:   Ohh where to start?

Long haul flight don’t work well with the low cost (read cheap) airline mentality.  A nine hour flight with NO meal service on a No cash airline?!?!  People of WestJet add 1% to the cost of the ticket and include a meal service!

So I pre-ordered our meals on their amazing On-line Ordering system.  We had 5 flight legs (one was a puddle hop from Edmonton to Vancouver) so I order meals for 4 legs two meals each.

So I ordered the Beef Dijonnaise and the Roasted red pepper chicken.

Not much like the picture and the beef was err “School Lunch, Beef Stew” if you know what I mean.

None of the “To London” meals where available for our return, only the meals “To Canada!” So I order the same stuff for the return.

So during this meal ordering process I noticed, when I got my email confirmation,  that I had ordered one extra meal so I contacted WestJet to get the extra meal removed from the order. This is apparently asking the impossible, “you will have to cancel your entire order and reorder”. So I cancel the complete order, wait for the refund and reorder.

We get on our flight to Canada and are told that we have two meals each and with one would you link!  haha…

Now on the long haul flight you also get a sandwich prior to landing included in the price.

Sure does look like the cheese butty I would buy for my school lunch!

I guess not the same, i can’t be a butty without butter, can it?

WestJet does have a “Plus” section (or Class?) The same seats but the middle one is folded down to form a table.  You get hot food and included drinks as well as extra leg room, or should that be just Leg Room, as economy class as none.  Think of a tin of sardines and you get the idea.  I’m sure it fine for short flights but not for a nine hour flight on a single isle 767.

The food costs C$9 and the beer/wine is about C$6.50, I guess you would have to drink a LOT to make the additional cost worth it.  I’ll stop writing about WestJet now as it’s reminding me of the flights too much…..

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