The long long story of my Maui purchase.

Ya, sorry that does not help much.

But I will keep it short.  While in Maui we went to Costco, just once, and I purchased a Garmin SmartDrive 50 with all of the North America maps.

While is Maui I went on line and purchased the EU maps as these might be a little more helpful when I get home.  So I purchase the “download” version as these are a little cheaper.

The studio we rented had great WiFi but try as I did I could not get them to download correctly. So I email tech support and explain the download problem.  After 5 or 6 email I decide I should re-tell the problem I was having.

Patricia emails and tells me ” I am very sorry for the problems you have encountered, and please ignore the suggestions in the previous email as they would not be applicable to your situation.”  Cool..

So we agree that we should try to expedite a pre-loaded  Micro SD card and try that.  With no guarantee that it would arrive prior to us leaving.  She told me that I would have to pay for expedite shipping.  I emailed my CC info and got the card a couple of days later.  I also noticed that nothing had been charged on my card.

So I get this SD card and load it into the Garmin SmartDrive 50….. and ….  and….


Phuckin Great!!!  So I email the picture and get the following …

“Unfortunately the file/card cannot be fixed.    Our options are to either refund your purchase or I can send another card out. Unfortunately I cannot ship to Europe, so I am not sure sending another card is viable.”

Phuckin Great, deuxième partie!!!

So now I have had a second SD card sent to a friend in FL who mailed it to me and it has been stuck at UK Customs for more than 10 days….

It’s a good job I knew my way home…..


The new SD card arrived today!!  With some trepidation I plugged it in the Garmin..  AND IT WORKS!!!  Yaaa…  Thank you Patricia for all your help…

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