The start of a new project.

As Rodney said “If I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all!”..

My mini wind generators arrived today, on the stillest day we have ever had, and the package had one less than I ordered !


From the website:

Motor diameter : 24.5mm/0.96″
Motor height : 3mm/1.18″
Motor shaft diameter : 2mm/0.079″
Motor shaft length : 13.5mm/0.53″
Blade diameter : 100mm/3.94″(after assembling)
Blade Aperture : 1.95mm/0.077″
Output voltage : DC 0.01V – 5.5V
Output current : 0.01 – 100mA
Rated speed : 100 – 6000 rev/min

So on a windy day I should get about 1 Amp at 5.5 Volts, or 1/2 Amp at 11 Volts.  This will be enough to trickle charge a car battery (maybe!!).

The advantage of this type of rotor is it not matter what direction the wind is from.

Assembled with addition of a small LED attached to the wires, you can just make it out from the second picture above.

So testing? 8 foot bamboo pole, duck (gaffer) tape – that should do it …

Now some wind please !!

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