A story about BIG snakes…

This is a story of an incident that took place many years ago.  I was in Singapore for a few months with the ANZUK  (pronounced Anzuuk) forces (Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) and a couple of Nimrods.

These Nimrods had some amazing cameras installed, not normal in a Nimrod.  So we took a photo tech with us to process the films.  Each camera could take 100’s of pictures and the film was about 10” wide. Before digital !!

Anyhow RAF Tengah (soon to be SAF Tengah) had a complete photo lab that had not been used in months.  Once the keys where found the place was opened, it was just two rooms a small office that led into the photo lab (darkroom) .  Upon opening the darkroom a VERY large python was found in the middle of the lab!  So we closed the door (quickly) and called the RAF Regiment.  They are the people to call when the task is not in your job description…

What followed was like a scene from Dads Army, a Sargent a Corporal and an Airman from the RAF Regiment arrived.  The Sargent opened the door, sharp intake of breath and said Corporal “Take care of this”..  The Corporal looked into the room and “Fu… me”, “Airman, take care of the problem”…

Anyway the got the python out, checked for more and welded plates over the drains as this is how it got in the lab.

Our photo tech said it was fine but in the process of developing film you have to stop and wait a while, in a dim red light room….

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