Well this is how it goes… (part one – Istanbul)

I had a holiday offer via emailed, and it was one of those deals that you had to take. I know I could not afford the trip, but I do have a credit card!!

It was for a week in Malta, a place I used to know quite well, as I arrived here 43 years ago and left 40 years ago.

But first our very short visit to Istanbul:

But we had to fly to Istanbul first, a city I have never been seen. Turkish Airlines changed the itinerary 4 times, and finally we arrived at mid-nights and departed at 18:30 hrs.  So I booked a cheap hotel near the airports to we could spend a morning looking around the local area. The cost for B&B for two was £23.

This is a picture of the hotel, it was very nice and the staff very helpful the breakfast was typical European, cold meat, bread, coffee well you get the idea.

If you ever need a nice cheap hotel in Istanbul, this is their card.

But we did not arrive at the hotel till 01:00 hrs and had to find some food.  We found a hole-in-the-wall place selling kebabs to we ate one and a half.  Not that good but it was food.

Morning rush hour just a block from our hotel.

We Brits are getting better at baking bread but have a long way to go to get to the European level.

As we walked (slowly) around the roads I could not figure out why most of the people having lunch were young.

Then I spotted this.

Curious cast iron bollards designed, I guess, to stop parking on the sidewalks.

A fine looking peanut roaster the bottle of propane was hiding behind the rack of chips.


I did say we stayed near the airport and I was very surprised how big Istanbul airport is but I guess being at the center of Europe and Asia is a great crossroad.

At two o’clock the taxi arrived to take us back to the airport and time to say bye bye to the little we saw of Istanbul.  On to Malta…

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