Well this is how it goes… (part three – Malta/Gozo)

The trip down memory lane continues.  I was stationed at RAF Luqa for three years 43 years ago and never got over to Gozo!

So we took the old car ferry across to Gozo and had a little drive around this smaller island.  Forty odd years ago people said that going to Gozo was like stepping back 20 years and it’s that was now.  The up-raw coursed when Lidi opened a store their.  There are two more on the island of Malta.

In the center of Victoria (the capital of Gozo) is the was memorial

The whole square is full of beautiful old buildings.

The central square is surrounded by traditional small shops and cafes.  We went into  this lovely cozy cafe and was greeted by an English waitress. In the summer this square must be packed with tables and chairs from the surrounding bars and cafes.  But not today on a wet November day.



Then down a narrow lane is another square and the Cittadella (Citardel)

There is nothing near by to understand the size of those copper doors, they must have been 15 feet tall.

Being a very Catholic country you are never far away  from one of these built into the walls of peoples homes.

As you can see the ferry is a push-me-pull-you ferry!  The crew just have to go to the other bridge for the return trip.  This picture I got from Google Earth.

The rain is getting heavy now, so we decide to got  to Lidi’s for some wine and head back to the ferry.

End part three, part four to follow.

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