Well this is how it goes… (part two – Malta)

After a short but sweet stay in Istanbul we arrive in Malta at 18:00 hrs and it’s dark and I have a rental car and my, now working, Garmin SatNav.  So, no problems then?  Ya right!

For those that are unfamiliar with Malta, the country of Malta is formed from three main islands, Malta, Comino and Gozo.  When I was there Comino had nothing on it other than a couple of empty homes now it has two resorts.  I do hope these are “all inclusive”! I was told my Sean, at the hotel, these two resorts are old and in a bad state of repair.

But a “Must See” is the Blue Lagoon it is beautiful, and go for a snorkel.  This is a “borrowed” picture.  The island of Malta is about 16 x 9 miles so it’s a third the size of Maui at 48 x 26 miles.

Thankfully all the old building have been preserved and there are many.  Mostly of a defensive nature and 100’s of years old.

I lived (was stationed) in Malta while in the RAF at RAF Luqa, now the international airport.  I arrived 43 years ago and left 40 years ago!  So have I been to Malta, NO.  Since the British forces left some 38 years ago and Malta joining the EU much has changed.

The Maltese Government has spent there EU money on building bypasses, so you can now drive around the Island for days and NEVER SEE A DAMN THING!

I shall try to limit the amount I write on how CRAP the Garmin is while driving in Malta.  OK I admit that a lot of the roads are new, but when in a town it was like one out of four turnings  I was sent down a one way road, the wrong way!!  “At the roundabout take the second exit”..  No roundabout!  “Turn right at the next junction”  or really take the third exit at the next roundabout…  and so it goes on.  I spent more time shouting at that damn Garmin than the other drivers.  What a load of CRAP..

To move on….. In some way this visit was a visit down memory lane..

Sorry about the sound but it was quite windy.  Many years ago Malta had a bad storm and the net result was that some bays lost all the sand and others became a sandy bay.  I was told that a new resort imported tons of sand to create a sandy bay next to the resort!

This is how I remember the houses of Malta, and in the summer the windows would be open and people sat watching the day go by.

During the second world was Malta was right in the middle of it with Italy (German side) and North Africa to the south.

“The George Cross (GC) is the second highest award of the United Kingdom honours system. It is awarded for gallantry “not in the face of the enemy” to members of the British armed forces and to British civilians. It has always been able to be awarded posthumously.”

But the whole country of Malta was awarded the George Cross.  “The George Cross was awarded to the island of Malta by King George VI of the United Kingdom in a letter dated 15 April 1942”   If you are interested more information can be found here: HERE

Part Three to follow.

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