In hospital!

From the 16th of December through the 28th of December. Not a good time to be in hospital.  I went in on the Friday morning, early, with a bladder infection but on Saturday morning I had a “Cardiac Event” for 39 seconds and apparently my face was black and I was not breathing.

By Saturday evening I was feeling fine.  Our local NHS hospital is only 4/5 years old and all the rooms are private unlike many older NHS hospitals.

Please remember that we pay nothing to the hospital or staff, it is all covered by the NHS (National Health Service).

Each room has it’s own shower room.


The view from my room was great.

One evening I got to watch a great sunset, not normal in overcast Northern Ireland.  This was good as the TV had 5 bad channels and the entertainment system has only TV but was mounted on the wall at the head of the bed and you could not see it from the bed.

But I did find a way to connect to the wifi and after some downloading I could view all of the Amazon Prime stuff and a lot of TV stations on my Tablet.

Each day you got to select your meals, Dinner is at noon.  I never have a big meal at noon!

Roast beef, corn and mash with lots of gravy and my not look nice but it was tasted very nice.  And in hospital you have to look forward to something , so mealtimes are an event.  LOL

Corn flake tart and custard from the diabetic menu!!

And milk with every meal.

On the 24th of December a choir arrived on the ward sang a couple of Christmas carols.  As I was bed bound this all I could do.

I was released in time for New Year.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the Doctors, nurses and all other staff from Ward 3.


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