Well this is how it goes… (part four – Malta II)

Damn!  Thought I had posted this some time ago.  Now I see it was saved as a Draft…

So after the ferry ride back to Malta I see a sign for Popeye Village, the place they built to make the 1980 Popeye movie.

The sun was starting to set as we got to the village, so the pictures are a little dark.  The best place to see the village, without paying to go in, is round the corner off a cliff edge.

I just took a couple of pictures then we drove back to the hotel.

The next day we went on some more “down memory lane” drives.

First stop was a small hospital.  Someone very special to me came to life here..


In my mind it was a lot bigger.  Now used as offices in some of the building and the rest is empty.  Down the road they have built a new hospital for the elderly, can I get a room?

Now we take a drive to the old “Married Quarters”, I think.  These are just a mile or so from RAF Luqa.  Before all fenced in and on private RAF land these three story apartments were the only three story building in the area.

I can only think that these building are them, they are in the right area, they are three stories and sort of look like them.  I might be miles off here, but it works for me.


And by the flats is a school with a banner that says “a little bit of Brit remains”…

Now a final note..

While stationed in Malta as a Junior Technician, later a Corporal I earned £18 (then $30) a week. Back then this was good money but to add to it I spent some of my weekends working for Jeff, he owned MedComms Ltd and repaired yachts electronics like ships radar and radio systems.  He also had a company called YachtCare Ltd that looked after all the yachts that stayed the winter.  The office was a tatty building on the main street near all the big mariners.

Now the place looks real smart, but it was closed so I never got chance to see if Jeff was still running the place.

In one weekend I could make a months pay!!!  But I had to work on the foreign owned boats as a Malt would have told on me.  I was once asked if I would like to crew for a South African  yacht owner, a 170 foot long yacht with a helicopter pad, he planned on sailing from Malta to South Africa then on to South America….  Being AWOL was not on the cards.. But ???


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