Fun Little Project – Now cased.

OK I know, I said the order of the display wrong ! The three other readings are displayed for 5 seconds and also it’s the day on the week number.  “Sunday was traditionally regarded as the first day of the week by both Christians and Jews.”  but now it is Monday.

The case arrived and it was a real bugger to get it assembled, thou it was laser cut the tabs and slots were not a snug fit at all.

But I am pleased with the case and pleased they used clear perspex.  One other issue I have is the slot for the thermistor was not just above the PCB but, as you can see, way above it and I did not keep the leads long enough.  But it still works fine.

The little nuts and screws where a right pain but thanks to Blue-Tack holding the nuts for me these old hands got them fitted.

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