From a LONG time ago.

I was in training at RAF Cosford and my brother was going to UEA (University of East Anglia) and for once we happened to be at home at the same time.  I forget why this was so, but no matter.

Rob asked for a ride to UEA and as it was sorta in the same direction I said sure.  He did have a large shipping case, you can see the corner in the picture by the reversing lamp.

Hull had just got its first Self Serve petrol station and all I asked Rob for was to fill up my Austin Champ for the journey.

I parked next to the pump and went into the shop to get stuff for the ride leaving Rob to pump the petrol.  I sorta forgot to tell Rob that the Champ had a 45-gallon tank!!   I came back and the pump was still going ca-ching, ca-ching…  lol

But he paid anyhow.  My Champ had a 4 cylinder 3.8 litre multi-grade Rolls Royce engine so it was just enough for the journey.




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