So I got some Plexiglass (Perspex) boards.

Both are for prototyping Arduino boards, I selected one for the Uno R3 and one for the Mega 2560.

I also got an H3 tapered tap so I could add mounting points to the board without having to use the stupid nuts and bolts the supplier provided.

This one I made for the Mega board.  The Perspex is so clear but you get the idea.  I hope!  Each breadboard kit comes with a bag of jumper cables, the breadboard and a power supply card.  The card provides 3.3v and 5v selectable.  I personally use the top buss for 3.3v and the lower one for 5v.  I also use red jumpers for 5v and orange for 3.3v as orange, in my mind, is not quite red.

The second one I made for the Uno, This is a clone from China at a 1/4 the price.

As above, I taped out the laser cut holes using an H3 tapered tap so I could use some plastic mounts.

Once taped I used a little Loctite to hold the mounts in place.  Sometimes I use “Super Glue” but Loctite worked this time.

As the real observant ones might have noticed only three screws are used to hold the boards in place as components are too close for the mounting screw heads.




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