Yes! It’s that damn “Watering System” again!

I know but I have been, well, not very well for 11 months and have not posted much on my blog.

I have also NOT renewed my .blog site as it’s a waste of money.  So if you viewed my blog via it won’t work soon.  Just go to

The Watering System: I purchased 12 volts 7Ah motorbike battery and it has been running the watering system for 15 weeks!!  No recharging required.

Now the intent of this system was to water my brother’s greenhouse when he an Jackie went on their hols (vacation).  This would not be much more than 8 weeks.

The water valve was the waste of power which was the downfall of the first prototype.  Now changing to a Micro watering system has removed the current consuming valve.

The system I ordered from China took a LONG time to get here but it cost only £4 with 10m of hose and all those watering connections.  It also included a tape connector which I do not use.

On the top of the battery you can see the small watering valve that draws very little current. The hose connection is the same as the Micro Watering system hose, after soaking in hot water.

The prototype from another angle.

Thanks to some software from Aus. I have laid out the next Watering System, I am waiting on some new Real Time Clocks (RTC) so I cannot really finish the trace.

But doing all this with a bad cataract in my left eye the .1 inch layout is hard to see, lol.



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