WiFi and my home.

We live, in what they call here, a cottage.  Two bedrooms a front room, shower room and a small kitchen.  California this is NOT!

But I do have a brick built “shed”, it’s 10 x 6 feet with a nice large window and a rotting door.  The mice just love coming at any time they like.  But I have a couple of traps, it’s catch and release, I might need to release from a greater distance.  Or maybe add a little paint to see if it’s the same little bugger.

Some time ago my brother came over to help me line the walls with 2-inch insulation board and the ceiling with a 1-inch board.

Well so much for that.

In the cottage the router/WiFi in next to the phone line in the front room it’s signal is soo week it cannot make it into the kitchen!  So I had to add a repeater to the kitchen.

Now my office (shed) I pulled two Cat 5 cables from the router in the front room to the shed.

On my small desktop Packard Bell PC I used the WiFi as a local hotspot so my phone, tablets, and Fire Stick can connect.  All was fine till the last Windows 10 up(down) grade was installed. That was version 1709.  I am sure there is some real Teckeyy way to fix it but it could still have the problem that when you power up or reboot the PC does not auto-start a real pain.


So like all I searched the net for a solution.  Yet again I found an application from Aus.,  called Connectify Hotspot.   For 20 quid it installed and worked fine, though a little “suckey” on the UI as it is all Java based.  Still, it’s one up on Micrsnot for making the Hotspot work.  I know that the MS Hotspot supported 8 devices but I do not know how many this Connectify supports.  Like I would have more that eight devices connected.


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