The Stephenson Farm!

I have the best three kids in the world!  But only one Boy (Man) Chase.  He farms 10 acres, mostly on his own, and grows a mess load of good food.   But with his wonderful wedding, honeymoon and Japan trip, the farm has been neglected.

Now he is back on the ball, and calling 58F freezing!!!  lol


Once all the BIG weeds had been cut down and the tilled the mulch was laid.  When I was helping him (?) I was filming the process and tripped and the plastic a large kneehole in it.  Sorry, Chase.

Looking really great!

Now the holes are punched through the mulch (plastic sheet) and add the seeds.

So depressed, Chase put the seed in, and two weeks later they have germinated!  Hear it takes weeks.


Just a few videos that Chase took while working on the farm.



Took me a while to found some software that would download pictures and videos from Instagram, hey “locks are to keep honest people out”.

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