About Me

My name is Jon Stephenson, I was born in Hull in 1951 and now live in Northern Ireland.

At 15 years old I joined the Royal Air Force and spent 21/2 years at RAF Cosford training as an Aircraft Radar Engineer.

That training, plus lots of post graduate training, turned out to be the same as a BS in Computer Sciences.  This was given to my by a Professor at UCLA as part of my immigration process in 1983.

While I lived in America I started ICCI – Airline Systems in 1984.

Click the logo to visit ICCI-AS Web Site
Click the logo to visit ICCI-AS Web Site

But after the 9/11 (11th September 2001) event in America my software company suffered as few airlines or airports had money to spend on our software, all was being spent on security.

I kept the company limping along till 2010/11 but due to poor health it was time to (Run Away!) move back to the UK, leaving everything behind.  Some thirty plus years of household stuff, my car and all my tools.  We left with two suitcases each, that’s all. Very sad day.

Now retired I work on my garden, design and code electronic projects, go to the gym and, when I have time – relax.