TV Boxes

What is a TV Box?:  It’s a small computer running Android or Windows 10 (or both) thats converts you non-smart TV into a smart TV, while adding a number of other applications (or as the youth would “apps”).

I have been testing a number of TV Boxes from a cheap £25 box to a £90 box.  As I type this I am thinking for making a new WP site just for TV Boxes.  If I do I will add a link to it on this page.


I never did keep a TV Box WordPress site going in fact I have packed most of my test boxes away.  With FreeView, Amazon Prime and “the internet” I don’t need any other TV sources.

I have kept my PiPo box connected to do some testing as it is a dual boot (Windows 10 and Android) handy.  The other tiny Box I have handy it the MI a small white cube.  Both I have reviewed in this blog.